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Pearce Town at 1894 Commonwealth Mine.     

Phoenix  Views from Phoenix's South Mountain Park, plus some historic buildings.

Picacho Peak State Park /Picacho Area  Civil War battle site.   

Red Rock  Pictures of pre-motel 1940,s  tourist cabins.                                                                                                                       

Sunnyside  Religious mining community established 1890's.   

Theodore Roosevelt Dam Worlds highest masonry dam.

Sacaton  Ancient village that may have been visited by Cabeza De Vaca in 1536 and the explorer, Coronado in 1540. This town was  staging site for the Union attack on Confederates during the Civil War. Of  interest are the two  mission churches still standing.  Site of pre-historic village called Snaketown.  Area where the  Hohokam Indians developed one of the largest irrigation system in the western hemisphere. Their irrigation canals were built  between the Gila River in Florence, Arizona, and the Salt River in Phoenix, Arizona.                                        

Sasco Ghost Town. Initials stand for the Southern Arizona Smelting Company Est. 1910.

Sonoita.   Southern Arizona cattle country.                                                                                                                                       

Tombstone/Fairbank "The town too tough to die."

    Tubac Cemetery.    Updated

Tubac State Park  Tubac  was founded in 1726, making it the oldest non-Indian settlement in Arizona.  Updated


  Tucson," The Old Pueblo" Founded in 1775, the year the American revolution began.    Best viewed by Internet Explorer                

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Tumacacori Mission and National Monument

 1876 Yuma Territorial Prison   

Washington Camp Area Apaches controlled this area until late 1880's. More pictures from north Mexico. 



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