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Home                                                                   Tucson 1800-1899

Soledad Jacomé Home. 1866-1911. Photo 2003.

Discovered 2005, under the floor of this house, was a Hohokam site from 750AD. Over that was debris from the Presidio era, 1775 -1850.

New Presidio Historic  Museum (only the outside is finished). Photo 2005.

In the back yard...

backyard.JPG (46426 bytes)

2000 year old pre-Hohokam pit house. Discovered June 2005. 


Feliberto Aguirre Ranch ruin. 1895-1910. It will become part of Town of Marana District Park, located at Ina and Silverbell Road. 


Aguirre Ranch ruin_b.JPG (87675 bytes)

Filiberto Aguirre Ranch, with tour guide. 

cistern_b.jpg (61155 bytes)

Cistern to store water. 

Photos 2004.

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