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The U of A is part of the West Campus Historic District, and below are some of oldest buildings at the U of A. 

U of A Main Gate

Main Gate at the University of Arizona. Built in 1916. Note use of volcanic rock from the "A" Mountain Quarry. The quarry is still there, on the north side of "A" Mountain. 

"A Mountain" 1916

Sentinel Peak changed to "A" Mountain in 1916. 


Old Main 2004Old Main c.1887





                                                                    Old Main, was built in 1887. Classes started 1891 with 6 faculty, and 32 students. 

Fountain in Front of Old Main was built in 1920 in memory of those who died in WWI.

Old picture of west mall U of A

Old Main southside

Herring Hall 1903

Herring Hall, built in 1903 as the men's gym. Renovating 2004. Will be used as the new U of A Herbarium and Arboretum.

Agriculture 1915

Agriculture Building, 1915.

Cochise Hall 1920

Cochise Hall, 1920. Classical Revival, with Corinthian columns. 

Old Library

Old Library, now Arizona State Museum, 1923. Classical Revival, pleasant use of arches, brick detailing, and terra cotta roof.

Centennial_Hall .jpg

Centennial Hall, 1936. Italian Romanesque Revival, renovated 1985.

maricopa_hall.JPG (141797 bytes)

Maricopa Hall, 1920. Classical Revival, with eight paired stylized "Egyptian" columns. Location has been used in films, like "Revenge of the Nerds." 

U of A Cactus Garden old                       U of A Cactus Garden new

Cactus Garden East of "Old Main". Not much left of original mall cactus garden.  Various times scheduled to be torn out. Saved again in 2002.