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Page Two. Fort Lowell Historic District and park. 

Fort Lowell Park Tucson Arizona

"Chief Trumpeter" erected in 1991. 

Fort Lowell. 

First settled about 300 A.D. by the Hohokam people (pit house site east of park, and another west of Craycroft). The fort was moved out to this location in 1873 for grazing areas for the horses. The fort was the supply base for the military posts in Southern Arizona during the wars against the Apaches. It was established to fight Geronimo, and after his surrender in 1886, there was no need for the fort. It closed in 1891. Later the village of El Fuente (the fort) was established just east of this location on Fort Lowell Road. 

fort_lowell_hospital.JPG (149167 bytes)  Fort Lowell Hospital 1889 Hospital 1889.

Fort Lowell Hospital, built in 1875.  Protective roof over the hospital paid for by the Boy Scouts, and installed in 1945

Fort Lowell Hospital 2003

cottonwood_lane fort Lowell Tucson Arizona

Cottonwood Lane. Originally planted in 1873 for a shade area. Later re-planted in the 1962. 

Commanding Officer's Quarters

1963 reconstruction of the Commanding Officer's Quarters. 

quartermaster_depot 2004   Quartermaster Depot 1926 Depot 1926.

Quartermaster Depot and Post traders. turned into apartments in 1934. Remodeled in the 1980"s.

Fort Lowell Kitchen 1985

    Band Barracks.


My photos taken 1985-2005