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Fort Lowell Historic District

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El Fuerte (the fort) area. 

El Fuerte Chapel was built in 1917 for the Mexican families that moved into the fort area. The original that was built in 1915 was destroyed by tornado in 1929. Rebuilt in 1932. Renovated in 1995.

Chapel of San Pedro Tucson Arizona


San_Pedro Chapel

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La Capillita

La Capillita was the original chapel, built in 1915. Fell down in the 1930's. Rebuilt in 2003.

La_Capillita.JPG (127823 bytes)

El Fuerte Cemetery    

  Quaint cemetery of the descends of the El Fuerte residents. Now tucked away in the midtown area of Tucson. 

Photos 2003.

  El Fuerte Cemetery Tucson Arizona

 El Fuerte Cemetery Tucson Arizona

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